RSF Reviews

I joined Rock Solid Fitness with a single goal, to lose some weight and take some stress off of my back.  What I found was a whole lot more.  I found people invested in my health, my happiness and my future.  I found friends for life who are just as motivated as I am about anything that I want to accomplish.  They helped give me the foundation for a lifestyle change.  These 3 inspirations pushed me as my goals changed from weight loss to fitness and from fitness to physique. They helped me discover a competitive thirst that moved me into running races and then into triathlon.  In less than 2 years I found myself completing 2 triathlons and my first half marathon.  In the year since then I just completed my 7th triathlon including 3 Olympic distances and a 2.4 mile swim race. I’m about to complete a double century bike ride and have just started training for my first full marathon.  With the right people and the right motivation I can accomplish anything.  That foundation I found at Rock Solid Fitness.


I am truly thankful for the life they have helped me build.

I went to Rock Solid Fitness after a friend of mine had told me about it and invited me to check out their woman's class.  It was a blast!  The class was up-beat and positive.  Also, the class can participate at their own fitness level without any judgement.  The personalized attention is second-to-none... Karrin remembered my name (and my email address!) when I came back for my second class.  The reminder text messages throughout the week will help keep you motivated and on-track.  Instead of feeling like I "have to" workout, I look forward to work out days! 

Can't wait to see your business grow!!

 My name is Jayme Martinez and I'm a RSF junkie and have been for the past year.    I was one of those 55 year olds that when I wasn't training or showing my dogs, I was eating too much junk food and watching too much TV.    I already knew Karin's well from church and when Karin asked me to try the RSF program I was a bit skeptical.   
I have to tell you after the first workout, I thought I was going to die!    But I noticed I was overall feeling rejuvinated, and within a week I was sold on the program.    I'm feeling so much better, many aches and pains have dissappeared and my blood sugar numbers are great, when before they were borderline.   I have so much more strength and stamina also.   My doctor is thrilled that I've been working out and is supportive of the program as well. 


 I am so excited about the changes I've seen in my body since really dedicating myself to the Rock Solid Fitness workouts.  The first was the weight loss (almost 20 pounds and going!), but being able to compare my body measurements to when I weighed less (years ago!)  My waist is 4 inches smaller now than it was when I weighed ten pounds less!  The other change I've seen is in my attitude.  I love seeing my RSF friends and working out with people who are just as dedicated as I am.  My husband and my mom also go - and we motivate each other.  My big shocker this week was that I exchanged a cute designer handbag for a new pair of workout shoes - not just because I'd get more miles out of the shoes, but because I'd get to enjoy wearing them! 

Thanks so much to the RSF team - you've made me realize what I'm capable of!  I continue to surprise myself.