Rock Solid Fitness Pricing 

Unlimited Group Sessions

$75.00 Monthly

Allow your body and mind to take advantage of all our group training classes offered

Monthly Punch Pass Program

Purchase your punch pass at the beginning of the month to fit your schedule and fitness needs!!

     Pricing is as Follows:

   4 Sessions ~~ $40.00

   5 Sessions ~~ $45.00

   6 Sessions ~~ $48.00

   7 Sessions ~~ $49.00

   8 Sessions ~~ $56.00

   9 Sessions ~~ $63.00

Buddy Packages

** Most Popular Option**

Smaller Setting Sessions with priority scheduling and maximum push .

$15 per Session 

RSF has over 7 Buddy Sessions per day for you to take advantage of ! 

Online Nutrition Fitness Coaching 

 RSF offers a online coaching system that dials in not only your workouts but NUTRITION and meal planning to get you the optimal results for your body. This is NOT a one size fits all type of meal plan system, it is built for each individual client.  With the online program we want to teach you how to eat for your body, how to be successful but not feel like you are on a diet. Hours of work go into creating a specific program for you and we have been THRILLED to see the results ! 

4 Weeks Of Commitment ~ Lifetime of Knowledge


 Personal Sessions are ONE on ONE with you and our staff. Workouts are Specifically targeted for your body to get you the Maximum results you desire. 

RSF also offers personal "Buddy" sessions for you and a partner  to get individualized training sessions with one of our certified personal trainers at a discounted rate!

90 Day Program Options

3 Personal Trainings/Week                                                                            $90/week

2 Personal Trainings/Week                                                                             $70/week

1 Personal Training/Week                                                                               $35/week

Personal Training

- At Your Home-

$45.00 Per Session

***Ask us about your discounted package options***