Rock Solid Fitness Kids Camp



June 24th - 28th

9:30am to 11:30am FitKIDS SUMMER CAMP

Rock Solid Fitness

A body in motion stays in motion and learning and enjoying to #justmove at a young age will help keep our kid active and healthy! Join us for a one-week Camp as we explore so many ways to keep your body healthy and happy with all the FUN! Our camps will be broken into two age categories ages 4-7 and ages 8-12 so we can work on the level of skill and ability and maybe even add a little competitive fun to keep things exciting!

We will have a few special guest trainers and even a guest past pro athlete make an appearance to help teach the important of keeping your body healthy and your mind happy!!

So if you’re looking to engage your kids in something different this summer, wanting your youth athlete to get in some conditioning, needing them to burn energy , or hey you want some down time or to workout yourself ... we got you covered !

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